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We are the Humane Society of Ottawa County (HSOC).  

Our shelter is a 501c(3) no-kill shelter that was established in 1976. Since then, we have continued to provide a vital service to the community, not only for the animals, but for adults and children as well. Our organization prides itself by caring for the animals of Ottawa County. 

Our goal is to turn unwanted, neglected and abused animals into loving members of new families.  We are dedicated to a program of spaying and neutering animals to ensure that more animals find their way into caring homes.

We maintain a "NO KILL" shelter within humane guidelines.


Sunday - CLOSED

Monday - CLOSED

Tuesday - 12pm - 5pm

Wednesday - 12pm - 5pm

Thursday - 12pm - 5pm

Friday - 12pm - 5pm

Saturday - 12pm - 5pm

We will be closed on all major holidays.


The mission of the Humane Society of Ottawa County is to ensure that Ottawa County animals have adequate and humane care. We promote spay/neuter programs. We investigate complaints of animal cruelty and attempt to educate the public about the proper care of pets. While animals are at the shelter, they will be allowed to live a comfortable life and be adopted by responsible people.


Adoptions Fees:

Cats: $75.00

Kittens: $95.00

Dogs: $120.00

Puppies (under 6mo): $125.00

Purebreds are slightly more, so ask for details.

An adoption application must be completed to be considered as a potential adoptive parent.  We reserve the right to deny any adoption application at anytime for any reason.

Most animals have received vaccines, been dewormed, had blood testing and have been spayed/neutered by the time they are available for adoption.   

We routinely have dogs, cats and kittens available for adoption.

Occasionally, we will have ferrets, guinea pigs and other "pocket pets" that need caring homes. 

Animal shelters and rescue groups are great place to find a new pet. Shelters large and small always have a great selection of animals looking for new homes, from dogs, cats, birds and other small animals.  

Why choose a shelter or rescue group?
  • 6–8 million pets end up in shelters each year; half of those will probably not be adopted and possibly euthanized.

  • 25% of pets in shelters are purebreds. Breed-specific rescue groups always have purebred dogs and puppies looking for new homes.

  • Most pets end up homeless through no fault of their own - "moving" and "landlord issues" are the top reasons people give for relinquishing their pets, meaning shelters and rescue groups are full of wonderful, family-ready pets.

  • Pets adopted from shelters and rescue groups typically cost less than pets purchased or even acquired for free.  Once you add up all the cost of vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, deworming, and other "extras" included in your adoption fee, you'll probably be surprised what a bargain an adopted pet really is!

  • Most shelters and rescue groups conduct a through behavioral analysis of each pet to ensure that they will be the right fit for your family, dramatically improving the chances your new pet will fit right in.

  • Shelters and rescue groups can provide advice on making your relationship with your pet the best it can be for the rest of their life, so you will never have to go it alone!

Do your homework before making a decision and ask the following questions:

What kind of pet will be the best fit for your household? 

Do you have enough time to devote to the daily needs of a dog? 

Is there someone in your household who is allergic to cats? 

Have you considered a non-traditional pet such as a rat or another small animal? 

Doing your homework in advance will make your search easier and increase the chances that your new pet will be a happy addition to the family.

We are located on the northeast the corner of East Sand Road and North Christy Chapel Road in Port Clinton, Ohio. 

Due to the overwhelming response of interested adoptive parents from outside of Ottawa county we recommend that you go to Google maps for best directions to the shelter. You  can use the googles map under neath this to get directions .

2424 east sand road port clinton ohio 43452

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